Definitive Guide to Different International School Curriculums Used in Thailand

If you are considering taking your child to an international school in Thailand, you probably know that Thailand international schools use different internationally accredited curriculums. Many parents often find it challenging to choose the right school because they don’t know much about these curriculums.

That’s why Milestones Community Charter School has prepared this guide to discuss the different international school curriculums.

International Baccalaureate Curriculum


How to efficiency the Mindfulness training

Since we are talking about mindfulness, the one thing mentioned together is mindfulness training because it is a part of each other. This article will talk about how essential mindfulness training is and how to use mindfulness training to be effective.

To relate with the content of the Milestonescommunityschool's website, we would like to add this article to be a part source of the information on the website.

Mindfulness Training


What is the Good Characteristic of International School in Bangna?

Most Parents who live in Bangna, Thailand have to face problems about decided a good plan for their child. The Importance part of this problem is how to select the best international school in Bangna for their kids.

To solve those parent’s problems, this article will explain the good characteristic of an international school in Bangna for advising those parents to decide the effective plan for their kid.


Benefits of International Field Trips for Students

Wouldn't it be adventurous for students and teachers to travel abroad and interact, experience, see, learn, enjoy and feel the excitement away from home? Well, a trip overseas will work the magic for the learners. Here are the benefits of international field trips for students according to wind ham childcare.

Building Student's Confidence.


Why Emotional Development is Important

Humans are emotional beings. Your emotions govern your thinking and behavior. Typically, you develop emotions in infancy, but as you get older, the ability to manage, express and recognize your feelings heightens.

What is Emotional Development?

Emotional development refers to the advancement of expression, recognition, and regulation of feelings in oneself as well as others from childhood to adulthood.

In this light, here is why emotional development is crucial.


Top Benefits of International Schools in Thailand

Each country has thousands of schools where you can take your child. The problem, however, is finding an institution that will provide quality education and grow the character of your kids. Since the concept of international schools was introduced, they have become the ideal place for any growing child.

Here are the top benefits of enrolling your kid in an international school.


Why the American Education System Could Be Better Than British Syllabus in Thailand

Having immigrated to Thailand, the hunt for the best international school for your little angels has officially started. Expats, diplomats, and a growing number of local Thai parents nowadays prefer seeing their kids attend international schools because these institutions seemingly are superior.


How an International School Provides the Right Academic Foundation Place for Your Child

If kids are the building blocks of every society, then they deserve the best quality of education possible. Ideally, they must school and consistently excel in accordance with what the society aspires to achieve; progress in global standards. 

The stakes are even higher in the present-day world where a secure future is no longer guaranteed with academic excellence alone. Today, it is only with the right academic foundation coupled with vital skills taught in school that a child is guaranteed a prosperous future. 


All You Need to Know About International Schools in Bangkok Thailand

It’s common knowledge that international schools in Bangkok Thailand are the most ideal choice for school-going kids of expats, tourists and foreigners in general. They rank way higher than the local government schools and have consistently produced brilliant graduates, with some even proceeding to the best colleges and universities abroad. 


สมาธิสั้นในเด็กแก้ได้ คุณพ่อคุณแม่หายห่วง

คุณพ่อคุณแม่อาจกำลังกลุ้มใจว่าลูกของคุณมีอาการสมาธิสั้น เป็นเด็กที่มีพฤติกรรมไม่เหมือนเด็กคนอื่นๆ ซึ่งสร้างความหนักอกหนักใจเป็นอย่างมาก แต่ไม่ต้องกังวลไป โรคสมาธิสั้นในเด็กสามารถแก้ได้ เราลองไปดูกันดีกว่าว่าจะมีวิธีไหนบ้างที่สามารถแก้พฤติกรรมและความคิดของเด็กสมาธิสั้นได้บ้าง

โรคสมาธิสั้น ประกอบด้วยกลุ่มอาการหลัก 3 ด้าน ได้แก่