Schooling Options for Your Kids in Bangkok

For many parents living in Thailand or expats relocating to Thailand, finding the right school for their kids is imperative. Invariably this first choice of many quality conscious parents is the international schools in Bangkok where the level of education is at par and at times even higher than the level in many public or private schools found in several Western countries. The fee structure of many of these international schools in Bangkok is, however, a major concern for many parents as these schools are meant to be for the upper class of the society. However International schools in Bangkok are not the only schooling options for your kids, there are plenty of other schools that offer almost the same standard of education at a much less cost than these international schools. Let us have a look at some of the schools in Bangkok that you can choose for your kids:

Public Schools

The National Education Act guarantees that every Thai child enjoys free public schooling from pre-school to senior high school. However, in order to qualify for the free State education offered in these State run and managed Public schools, a child must have Thai nationality. In order to become a Thai national, a child must have one Thai parent and his/her birth must be registered in Thailand by the Thai parent. These public schools are the best options for the parents of children with Thai nationality as they only charge a nominal fee and offer better standards of education.

Private Thai School

For many parents who cannot afford the high prices of international schools, but they want their children to be taught in English, Private Thai schools in Bangkok are considered the best choice. The class size in these private Thai schools is typically much smaller than in the public schools and most of them focus on student-centered learning.  These private Thai schools allow the students to develop closer links to the Thai culture and society while still enjoying the same education standards as offered by many International schools.

International Schools

Many Thai parents, as well as the majority of expats, prefer sending their kids to International schools in Bangkok as they offer excellent academic standards, teach Western curricula, boast modern facilities, offer an impressive range of extracurricular activities, and hire the best teaching staff.

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