Traits Best Exhibited by the Right Teacher at your International School in Thailand

For parents and kids alike, international schools ought to serve the finest quality of education regardless of the foreign curriculum taught. The chosen school too has to deliver a premium quality academic experience akin to studying abroad. It must offer the best level of education and ensure the kid is ready for college life after 12th grade.

However, it is rare for the parent to inquire about the quality of teachers, tutors, and trainers hired by the school. They often assume that they have the best, most excellent teachers, perhaps even English native speakers, trained and have taught in the western world.

Does your kid’s teacher have what it takes?

Today though, if you are looking for an international school Bangkok offering a curriculum of your choice, make sure to ask about the qualifications of its teachers. And while at it, make sure they exhibit the following virtues.

  1. Enthusiastic and love working with kids

Your child is at school to learn and keep up with what’s being taught back at home. But whoever is teaching ought to be passionate and vibrant with the role. If the teacher is enthusiastic and can establish a bond of friendship with the kid, you certainly are halfway there.

  1. Teaches beyond the obvious

Teaching is more than passion; it’s a calling. And while any teacher can stand before the children and teach, your kid deserves to get more than just that. Therefore, the teacher must demonstrate possession of unique, extra traits likely to help the child proper both within and outside class.

  1. Is internationally-minded

Being an expat in Thailand or a native with hopes of exposing your kid to international levels of education, teachers working at the international school in Bangkok must be widely traveled. The kid needs to be abreast with the different countries and backgrounds, something which the teacher ought to exhibit. Remember, all that is for the best interests of the child.

  1. Flexible and ready to meet the kid’s needs

With hundreds of kids drawn from different cultures and backgrounds, teachers at international schools must always ensure that the kid blends in with others with little difficulty. The teacher must also be flexible and willing to be patient with your kid.

  1. Full involvement in school life, including extra-curricular activities

Foreign kids attending an international school ultimately find the environment friendlier and a lot cozier. And if the teacher is part of the kid’s typical experience, especially on extra-curricular activities, the child will greatly benefit. It is the best way that the teacher can show a genuine commitment to the kid throughout the school environment.

Among the many considerations when looking for an international school, don’t ignore the aforementioned. A school of such caliber should serve as an excellent platform for the child’s career and personal development. So, don’t settle for less!

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