TH-Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is quickly approaching and the PTO is still in need of donations for this fun event.

Donations needed are: canned soda, juice pouches (Capri Sun), Bottles of water, hot dog and hamburger buns, 2 liters of soda and jars of pickles.

Also, there will be a silent auction themed basket for each grade level. Contributions for these baskets are needed by October 23rd. If you are interested in donating, the basket themes are as follows:

Kindergarten: Arts and Crafts                                        1st Grade: Movie Night

2nd Grade: Family Game Night                                       3rd Grade: Beach and Pool

4th Grade: Kitchen                                                           5th Grade: Family Pet

6th Grade: Gardening                                                      7th Grade: Beauty and Spa   

                                          8th Grade: Outdoor Recreation